Oscar Williams for Washoe County School Board District E

A Fresh Perspective for a Brighter Educational Future

Oscar Williams is stepping forward to bring a transformative vision to the Washoe County School District E, covering the heart of Northwest Reno, including the Somersett and Verdi neighborhoods. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of education and a diverse background in historical research, film, TV production, and community activism, Oscar is uniquely equipped to address the challenges facing our schools today.

Why Oscar?

Building Bridges, Shaping Futures.


Oscar Williams isn’t just running for a position; he’s advocating for a revolution in our educational approach. With a career that spans various roles from historical fiction writer to production manager, and as a proactive community member, Oscar brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a unique perspective to the table. His hands-on experience as a parent navigating the IEP for his son, who has thrived academically despite dyslexia, showcases his deep understanding of and commitment to inclusive education.

Oscar’s blend of historical knowledge, community service, and firsthand experience with the challenges and triumphs of the education system positions him as a candidate who understands what’s at stake. He stands ready to tackle issues with logic, compassion, and innovation. Oscar believes in engaging with all stakeholders, from parents to teachers and administrators, to ensure that the voices of the community are not just heard but acted upon.

Oscar’s approach is grounded in practicality and compassion. He recognizes the critical importance of logic and reason in education, advocating for a curriculum that not only meets but anticipates the needs of a rapidly changing world. His dedication to improving academic outcomes extends beyond traditional measures, focusing on creating an environment where students are excited to learn, and teachers are empowered to teach.

Join Oscar

In Shaping the Future of Education

Oscar Williams is more than a candidate; he is a beacon of hope for parents, students, and teachers who yearn for an educational system that champions quality, inclusivity, and integrity.

By bringing Oscar to the Washoe County School Board, District E will gain a leader who is not only prepared to address the challenges of today but also to anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow.

Key Issues and Vision

Oscar’s campaign centers on:

Enhancing Academic Outcomes

Focus on improving attendance, grades, and the overall success of students.

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

Questioning spending priorities and advocating for a performance-based funding model.

Logic & Reason Through Education

Advocating for strong foundations in math, science, reading, and writing.

Addressing Dropouts and Absenteeism

By improving the educational ‘product,’ not merely applying band-aid solutions.

Boosting Core Academic Performance

Through after-school programs, tutoring, and ensuring essential tools and healthy meals are accessible to all students.

Supporting Special Needs Education

A commitment to revamping the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for effectiveness and inclusivity.

Transforming Education with Integrity, Innovation, and Inclusion.

About Oscar Williams

At 59 years old, Oscar’s life in Reno spans over three decades, blending personal experience with professional expertise. A father, homeowner, caregiver, and historian, Oscar’s multifaceted life experiences have shaped his understanding of what it takes to cultivate a thriving educational environment. His commitment to education is not just professional; it’s personal. Oscar has navigated the school system as a parent of a student with dyslexia, celebrating successes and confronting challenges head-on.

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